That Others May Know

We Honor Their Legacy.

We capture stories with a video interview. This unique gift honors the legacy of those interviewed for generations to come! Whether you would like to capture your parents or grandparents stories, highlight a special individual in your community or recognize an important leader, or perhaps capture your story, please give us a call. We’ll guide you every step of the way!


Paul Kuiper will work with in creating customized questions for the interview, deciding on where and when to hold the interview and which pictures to include!

Do it now, before it is too late.

We hear from so many people, “Oh how I wish I had done that for my mom or my dad or my grandma before they passed. I would give anything for my children to hear their voice telling their story.”


We follow Walt Disney's motto: "Do it so well that when people see it, they will want to see it again and again, and they will bring others to see it too.".

Capture their wisdom.

Think of a library full of books, full of wisdom. Our parents and grandparents are like those books, they are full of wisdom, but often their “book” of wisdom is never written or recorded. That is why “That Others May Know” was created, to capture their wisdom for generations to come. Wisdom that has been gained from overcoming hardships, from overcoming adversity, obstacles and even tragedy.

Our Services

Our services include a Pre-interview Meeting, Custom Designed Certificate to award to your loved one. Production includes a a Video, One copy DVD, Digital Copy & Private YouTube® video.

Edited video is yours to view, keep and share!  
We release all rights.


Contact us That Others May Know today to schedule a video interview!

Additional Services

The General Process

Pre-Interview Meeting

Paul Kuiper
Life Story Facilitator

Story Board Review

Paul Kuiper
Life Story Facilitator

Interview Q & A

Paul Kuiper
Life Story Facilitator

Video Interview

Rick Veldman
Paul Kuiper

Video Editing

Rick Veldman
Kestrel Imagery

Video Release Event

Paul Kuiper
Life Story Facilitator

We Deliver High Quality Video Service.

Our passion is to create a video that you and your family will enjoy for generations to come! We pride ourselves in creating a comfortable interview setting and capturing your story in quality video format.