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Paul Kuiper, That Others May Know 

Paul Kuiper

Why others should know?

There are so many inspiring stories of people that have overcome or done amazing things and yet when they pass, so does that amazing story. Think of a cemetery; every gravestone is a person, every person has a story, but only a few have been captured forever. Should that wisdom, that inspiration be lost? I do not think so. I believe we are to grow from the knowledge of those that have gone before us; otherwise, how do we as humanity improve? My little part, through our videos, strives to capture what otherwise would be lost.

How We Work

Get to know Paul Kuiper and That Others May Know!


The life story of Gordon Van Wylen. It was a great honor to have been a part of the recording of a man of such great wisdom and knowledge. This is a link to that video – https://vimeo.com/248787102

The life story of Marybeth Sims. I am so eager to share this next video with you and the incredible story of her trial to triumph. 

Those that have a story of inspiration that will be inspiring to others.

We provide a certificate that they may purchase that will cover the cost of a video. They may then give that certificate as a gift to the one they have chosen for us to record.

About Paul

Looking back, I was brought up in a home filled with love. My parents struggled financially all of their life. When my father was 38, he had a heart attack that made it difficult for him to enjoy life as he would want. He sold furniture to furniture stores and traveled weekly. Someone once asked me what it was like not to have a dad. I never thought about it until then. I had a dad, just not between Monday and Friday. What I do remember of my dad is that he was a man of deep faith. He would not talk about it, but he lived it. He was also a man of perfection. He strived to teach that to me. As I look back, I often think of the song “Leader of the Band” by Dan Folberg.

Dare! Dream! Do! I believe God created us to do big things in His name. I love the verse Philippians 4:13. Also, practice the rule 10 10 80. Of that which you earn, give 10% away, invest 10%, live on 80%. In my practice as a Financial Planner, I saw repeatedly that those who lived that way lived very well in their retirement.


It really varies with each person. We begin with a pre-interview meeting to get to know the person being interviewed, customize questions and make recommendations on lighting, attire, location. We then focus on editing the video. Typically, the process takes takes anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks.

Our current model is set for 20-40 minute videos. Instead of focusing on a complete life story, we like to zone in on THE story. People typically have a defining moment in their life that truly shapes them.  This could be a single event or their specific upbringing such as immigration or move, birth or death, celebration or tragedy. 

Pull the trigger, don’t wait! Do the video NOW, before it is too late. The one thing that Covid taught us is that life is precious and we’re all living on limited time. Invest in a video with your loved ones now!

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