Legacy Video

What is Legacy Video?

We do ancestry forward! Making a gift to future generations with That Others May Know Legacy Video.  Now is the time to share what we know, what we learned, what we experienced. People pass and if those stories are not captured, they are forever forgotten. Let us help you capture stories from your loved ones in their own words.

That Others May Know

Types of Legacy Videos

Tribute legacy video

Biography Video

Everyone’s story is important, everyone has wisdom to share. Sometimes that wisdom comes from mistakes, things we had or hadn’t done… but there is wisdom there and if we share and the next generation learns, that equals progress and we’d become better people.

Celebration Video

Is there a milestone birthday, an anniversary celebration, or birth of the next generation? Celebrate with a video interview! Whether you reflect on the life journey, recognize current events, or share a joyous occasion, participating in a video interview will cherish this special time.

Celebration legacy video
Leader Legacy Video

Tribute Video

Tribute videos recognize a special person in the community. Perhaps it is a humble servant in the church, a selfless missionary, a nonprofit leader, self-starter or a successful entrepreneur who deserves recognition.

In Memoriam Video

Memorial videos are “posthumous stories” we share after someone has already passed. We interview family member(s) who share and reflect in a video interview. We include pictures to go along with the interview for a special recognition of the deceased.

Consultation with Paul Kuiper

Drop us a note or give us a call. Paul Kuiper will connect with you to provide additional. information or answer any questions you may have!