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Elizabeth Interview

Elizabeth Katerberg

Hear the inspiring story of immigrant Elizabeth Katerberg and how a young representative named Gerald Ford helped Elizabeth in her time of need.

Elizabeth & Joe

A journey from Holland to United States, Ellis Island and Gerald Ford. Take a listen!

Cliff Wenger Celebrating 100 Years

A journey through Depression, Pear Harbor.  Horses, Model T and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Click on the link to hear from Cliff!

Cliff Wenger
Cliff Wenger

Grew up with five brothers, joined the navy during the war with his wife Cliff's Corner at church dedicated for socializing.

Give the Gift !

Imagine your child asking what was grandpa and grandma like?  Imagine being able to share their story in their own voice. We learned how precious life really is. Don’t wait until it is too late! Contact us today!

Carl & Christine Hakewessell

Carl & Christine Hakewessell

Social butterfly Christine and shy young Carl bonded over their love of music: piano, saxophone and singing in the choir.

Carl & Christine

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