We produce videos for families

Two Types of Videos

The Video You Give to Your Family

The Video Your Family Gives to You

“Bill” had a terminal illness and he told me that he would live no more than six months. We helped him put togther a video to tell his wife and children how much he loved them, and how proud he was of each of them.

Bill passed away at a young age 30 days after recording his video. He left the gift of his video for his wife, children and those to come for generations.

What an honor it is to receive a certificate from your family stating that they would like to record a video of your life story.

That they want those who will come after them to know you.

To pass on your wisdom, values and what matters most in life.

This is what Elizabeth did when she told the story of her immigration to America.

Elizabeth Katerberg

That is what Cliff did as he recalled his life on his 100th birthday.

Cliff Wenger